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How Hard Can It Be? Dealing With Growth and Change

29th July 2016

September  25 2012 was the date I posted my first profile picture on the Facebook page. It was of the first TARDIS I built for my friend, Nic.  Since then I’ve posted 127 profile pictures, 192 cover photos, 2727 mobile uploads and 774 timeline photos. In other news, the Facebook page has, at time of … Read more

My International Convention Experience 

5th July 2016

Yes, I did go to Rome and yes, I did hold Jenson Ackles and Jared Padalecki in my arms about six weeks ago. That was at JibCon, probably the best Supernatural convention out there. Let’s not focus on how much fun Jared was or how insanely cool Jenson is, I mean, he’s Humphrey Bogart levels … Read more

Screen Accuracy – !@$&!@!

7th May 2016

Warning, I’m about to get my rant on. Look away if you are squeamish because this won’t be pretty.  Also , this isn’t aimed at you, that’s right, this is not a personal attack on you. Warning over, here we go, hold on, it might be a bumpy ride. Screen Accuracy. It’s the holy grail … Read more