Kickstarter funded 340%

A huge thank you to everyone who backed us. 

If you missed out you can get in on the goodies right here by ordering online. 

Our Call of Cthulhu leather document wallet Kickstarter was a huge success thanks to dozens of backers.

We have launched our Kickstarter for official Call of Cthulhu Campaign Journals and it has been a huge success. Funded in under 24 hours and with all stretch goals unlocked.

Leather bound, mythos based journals, for Cthulhu Investigators and Keepers, and designed to enhance your gaming experience, the journals are inspired by the works of Lovecraft himself.

Featuring exclusive art from the talented HP Lovecraft Historical Society , including some never before seen in print, these hard cover, leather bound journals will transport you back in time to the desk of Henry Armitage himself. 

The perfect size to be used in game for note taking or to map out your Call of Cthulhu campaigns, the journals evoke that feeling of discovering an artefact full of esoteric script or hidden clues, but this time, you are the dread author. 

However, it would not be a Kickstarter without exclusive content! We have already mentioned the never before seen in print art from the HPLHS, but did we tell you about the Kickstarter only bonus items, challenge coin, Mythos Flora and Fauna artwork and limited edition slipcase sets signed by the Great Old one himself, Mike Mason? 

We didn’t?

Then best we don’t, incase word gets out…

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