The Shield

Shield Clean Black BG
Shields have been used by warriors for centuries, and in comic books and films, they’re still a popular symbol for heroes whose primary concern is the protection of others. Adorned with a distinctive star-and-stripes design, the classic patriotic shield was chosen by ordinary American after he volunteered to be turned into a super-soldier. The fictional version was made from an alloy of an ultra-light and nearly indestructible metal.

In our universe that metal is hard to come by, so our shields are instead fashioned from hand-spun 3mm thick Aluminium. The front is finished with hand-tooled concentric grooves at 10, 15 and 20 inches and a 0.6mm, hand-brushed laser-cut Aluminium star. It can be coloured to match the classic design in red and blue, or the stealth colour scheme of lighter and darker blue used in covert missionsThe rear assembly consists of laser-cut 3mm Aluminium brackets, hand-formed to the curvature of the shield, with custom leather straps and a custom-made tag describing the origin and owner of the shield. Bullet marks and combat scarring on the battle-damaged version are all added by hand, making each one unique.

Other designs based on other heroes are also available, and we can also make customised shields too. 

Dimensions: 25 inch (635 mm) diameter

Weight: approx 4.5 kg