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The Ritual is Complete!

23rd September 2017

  Thanks to dozens of backers, our first Kickstarter has been successfully funded. What a ride. It was amazing. You know what it’s like running a Kickstarter, the highs, the lows… Wait, you haven’t run one? Well I highly recommend it. The resources available to anyone wishing to run a Kickstarter these days include anything … Read more

Exciting News! – Call of Cthulhu Kickstarter Announcement.

3rd July 2017

You might have seen a few teases of something we’ve been working on – something not about superheroes, but still involving cosmic power. And it’s coming to you next month as part of the first ever Type40 Kickstarter campaign! We’ve teamed up with Chaosium, makers of the classic roleplaying game of cosmic horror, Call of … Read more

How Hard Can It Be? Dealing With Growth and Change

29th July 2016

September  25 2012 was the date I posted my first profile picture on the Facebook page. It was of the first TARDIS I built for my friend, Nic.  Since then I’ve posted 127 profile pictures, 192 cover photos, 2727 mobile uploads and 774 timeline photos. In other news, the Facebook page has, at time of … Read more