Who is TYPE 40?

Type40 is a dedicated team of creatives with a shared vision. From prop makers to illustrators, editors, writers, and designers

Type40 produces the highest quality in-world artefacts for gamers, collectors, and enthusiasts across both the physical and digital spaces.

Working closely with tabletop roleplaying game publishers such as Chaosium, Type40 create both physical and digital in-world artefacts for TTRPGs, including those for use in games such as Call of Cthulhu and RuneQuest.

Type40 have made items for the likes of Stan Lee, Chris Hemsworth, and many other well known personalities in the pop culture space.

Type40 produce the Seeds of Terror series of scenarios for Call of Cthulhu, which are published on DrivethruRPG.

Type40 offers art direction, design, illustration, editing, layout, and 3D modelling. If we can assist you with any of these services, please contact us.

Team Bios

Allan Carey – Director

An Engineer and Carpenter by trade, and a Nerd by choice, Allan has been the Director of Type 40 since the founding of the company in early 2008. Allan was the recipient of the award for Best Art in a Roleplaying Game at the 2019 ARPIA’s in Australia, and his scenario Hand of Glory was Silver award winner for Best Organised Play Scenario at the 2021 ENnie Awards.

Allan has a background instructing Martial Arts, adores cats, flowers, and once met the legendary Stan Lee. He promises he’ll finish painting his miniatures before buying any more.

Simon Lissaman – Lead Artist

Simon has been the Lead Artist at Type 40 since 2020. He has a background as a video game concept artist and producer. Simon has been a freelance illustrator for 15 years, and has worked with brands such as the Game of Thrones card game, Warhammer: 40,000Sin City, and Hot Wheels.

At Type40, Simon’s work can be seen in the series of Call of Cthulhu modules Seeds of Terror, as well as in the digital collectibles for VeVe, and the Gamer Prop Sets.

Phil Anderson – Writer/Editor

Phil has over three decades of experience as a professional writer/editor, and usability designer, with 10 years spent as a Game Designer in the Video Game industry working on story development and systems design. He has worked for Infogrames/Atari, and THQ on licensed properties from Hasbro, Nickelodeon, and Marvel.

As a freelancer writer and cartographer, Phil has contributed to many RPGs for Chaosium since the 1980s, including Terror Australis and Horror on the Orient Express for and the Origins Award-winning Beyond the Mountains of Madness for Call of Cthulhu.

Phil joined Type40 in April of 2020.

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