Inbetween Times or When I’m Not at a Convention 

Inbetween Times or When I’m Not at a Convention 

Conventions always seem like such a big deal when you are there and that’s because they are. The fun, the noise, the people, the cosplay and the guests. It’s very easy to think that conventions are the be all and end all. Surely I must have a life outside of conventions, but what do I do with it?

Do I just spend my time watching re-runs of Doctor Who and thinking of new things to make, partly , yes, but that can’t be all?

If you know me or have read other articles here in the website, you will know that my interests stretch beyond conventions and making things into other nerdy areas. Board games for one. I play regularly and love cooperative games where you team up try to win together.  I recently started attending a monthly games group at Games Laboratory in Melbourne CBD , called Deviant Robot. You should come along, it’s great. I also just started playing Star Wars Armada. A spaceship combat miniatures game with Tie Fighters and Star Destroyers. I must admit to liking the Dark Side cookies a lot and find your lack of faith in the force disturbing.

Another interest is comic books. I love them and collect mainly alternative , none superhero stories such as 100 Bullets, The Walking Dead and other titles such as Hellboy and some smaller titles. I’d be lying though if I said I wasn’t into MARVEL. I do have a stack of trade paperbacks of all my favourites,Ddoctor Strange, Captain America, Black Widow and more. My favourite thing to do with comics is to buy a few new ones, put them on my comic shelf then leave them for a month or so. Then one day, when I have a quiet hour, I go and pick one I haven’t read yet and pull it down for a read. It’s like having a little library at home.

Ok, so I guess you aren’t really that surprised about the games or the comics but I bet you didn’t know I did martial arts for about 26 years. I gave it up in the last few years because I got old and my body can’t hack it any more, but I needed something physical to replace it with. Doing exercise really make me happy, so I recently started yoga and I love it. I’m super bad at it but I like my teacher and I think if I stick at it for say 200 years, I will be great😀 and yes, I do wear my avengers leggings to class.

So there you go, it’s not all conventions and making stuff. I do actually have a life too. Perhaps I will see you at Games Lab one day.

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