Five things that kept me going over the last five years – Part 1

Five things that kept me going over the last five years – Part 1

Five things that kept me going over the last five years.

Part 1
Working for yourself can be hard and sometimes you think it might be easier to stop. Beavering away on your own is often isolating, what if you are doing it wrong, how would you ever know?

I’m going to write briefly about five of the things that have kept me going over the last five years in the hopes that others out there read it and think on.

These are not the top five nor are they in any order of importance, they just came to mind and feel relevant right now.

That time a stranger came to my booth at a con and said she’d been “sent by her friends who couldn’t make it.” She was sent to take photos for them. It wasn’t really “her thing” but they were “into all this stuff” and had been talking about me, ME, at dinner the other night , discussing what I might make next and how upset they were that they couldn’t make it to the convention to see my stuff.

Validation is a huge part of why I do what I do. Every time someone likes my stuff, my art, it’s a shot in the arm. That’s all well and good and happens a fair bit at a convention. People are almost forced to see my shields as they wander around , but this was the first time since I had started making shields that I had actual proof that people I didn’t know, out in the wide world, had taken notice and liked what I do. They had talked about me, over dinner. They were upset they couldn’t see my stuff. I didn’t even do anything , or did I?

This has happened a fair few times now. In different ways and I like it. It means I am doing something right.

Just remember, you might have your head down working hard and think no one is looking but they are. Do your thing. Share it. Talk about it and people will pick it up. They just will.
Friends, family , strangers. When the last one happens , it’s a trip

Next time: Seeing the progress I had made, recognising milestones.

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