Five things that kept me going over the last five years – Part 2

Five things that kept me going over the last five years

Part 2

Seeing the progress I had made , milestones

Working for yourself can be hard and sometimes you think it might be easier to stop.

I’m going to write briefly about five of the things that have kept me going over the last five years. If you haven’t read Part 1, have a look here.


Did you know that I keep the first of everything I make?
I have an overly heavy and poorly finished Mjolnir, a frankly shocking Captain America shield that I’m ashamed of and even an Infinity Orb, that isn’t spherical

They sit on my shelves in the workshop as a stark,(Tony), reminder of how far I have come.

When we begin making things the struggles we go through learning new techniques are exactly the same struggles five years later.

The accumulation of knowledge is like a growing tree, each ring adds more knowledge and if you cut me in half you would see all that knowledge, expanding out, over the years of practice. *Please don’t cut me in half*
It is also gradual, slow and often hard to notice.

These days, you don’t even think about it when you spray the shield, polish the hammer(not a euphemism), “do the other thing you find easy to do”. The thing you used to find hard has been replaced by something else.

Recognising your progress is very important. Reflect on how far you have come and allow yourself a moment to congratulate yourself and enjoy being good at the things you do well.

Yes there is always more to do, learn, try and that’s great, but right now, look at how far you’ve come.

Next time: Realising and coming to terms with the idea that, “this is what I do now”